The Learning Environment

Cammeray Children’s Centre is located in the beautiful grounds of Green Park in the Kendall Community Centre.  The premises features floor to ceiling windows bringing light and warmth to the indoor play environment.

We recognise the impact which the environment has not only on the way  we feel, but the way in which a carefully constructed  environment acts as a ‘third teacher’ and supports children’s learning and development.

The main room is filled with equipment and resources designed to foster all aspects of the children’s learning and development.

There is a home-corner, a reading area in front of the fire place, a train table, wooden blocks and much more to facilitate children’s learning including their language development, motor skills and social relationships. Adjoining the main room is the Waratah Room, filled with equipment and resources including the interactive whiteboard, designed to inspire and delight. There are also two outdoor play areas with equipment for climbing, crawling, sliding,  digging and exploring.

There are several aspects of our service that distinguish us from other settings. As we care for children from birth to 6 years we are in a wonderful position to support children’s learning and develop throughout their early childhood. We feel so fortunate to be a part of many children’s lives as they grow and develop – from the time that they are learning to walk to being confident children, ready for their first day of school. This also helps the children to feel a deep sense of belonging and stability. Another benefit of our program is the opportunity for mixed-age or family grouping times. For children from the same family, these times provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and play together. However, for all children, the benefits are much greater. When older and younger children play together, it provides them with a much more diverse environment which fosters social and emotional skills and helps children to value each person’s strengths, to be respectful and tolerant people.