Our Educators

At Cammeray Children’s Centre, we pride ourselves on our highly qualified, experienced and talented staff. On each day there is the Director/Nominated Supervisor, two early childhood teachers with Masters degrees, two Diploma trained educators and a wonderful cook who prepares healthy and nutritious meals for the children.

Our competent and dedicated staff provide a nurturing, safe and supportive environment for children and families and each bring with them a unique set of skills that contribute to Centre’s richness and diversity. Our staff are guided by Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics and pride themselves on their professionalism.

We embrace the principles of life-long learning, collaboration with families and continuous improvement.

Research tells us staffing arrangements matter to quality.

What does quality look like?

  • Lower child to adult ratios
  • Smaller group sizes
  • Educators with higher qualifications
  • Stability of educators

For more information see: Huntsman, L. (2008). Determinants of quality in child care: A review of the research evidence. Retrieved from http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/321617/research_qualitychildcare.pdf